What SmartFrame Does


SmartFrame protects against both inadvertent and deliberate image theft through a number of security features, reducing instances of misuse…


SmartFrame allows you to embed secure, unwatermarked, high res versions of your images on social platforms via ‘share buttons’ for Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Your embedded and shared images will always lead back to your original website.


SmartFrame prominently displays copyright messages at appropriate moments and places, ensuring that any prospective thief will be fully aware that the image they are trying to steal is copyrighted work.


By always linking back to the original website source of an image, embedded or shared Smartframes drive new engaged traffic to your site or allow you to manage a network of affiliates.


As well as an optional watermark, with SmartFrame the photographer is always clearly and visibly credited. And all shared, embedded or Google indexed versions will always link back to the source image or site.


SmartFrame can be tracked across the web and through your SmartFrame dashboard you see where they are being shared, how often they are being viewed or clicked on, and who is sending traffic to your site via the SmartFrame.