SmartFrame was originally conceived with Security in mind. Pixelrights Limited wanted to offer it’s photographer clients a new image format that would allow them to confidently share and display their images – at full-screen and in high resolution – without fear of losing those images to casual theft or the link to their authorship.

Today, SmartFrame offers a lot more than just Security, but we believe that SmartFrame is still the most secure online image format with these fully-configurable Security features:

Drag & Drop & Right-Click/Save Disabled

A SmartFrame cannot be dragged, dropped and then saved onto a users desktop the way other image formats can, and the option to “Right-Click Save” the image is also disabled.

Screenshot Deterrent

SmartFrame also offers deterrent against screenshot by instantly ‘frosting’ the image and displaying a Copyright Material notice once screenshot keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Shift+Cmd+3) are detected, or by requiring the user to ‘Press & Hold’ on the image in order to view the image without these warnings, therefore rendering many screenshot softwares ineffective.

Encrypted Image

SmartFrame creates an encrypted image file that can’t be read without a decryption key or viewed in traditional image editing software. This means stealing the file by inspecting a webpage’s source code for the relevant <IMG> tag, saving the webpage to your hard drive, or inspecting browser resources using Web Developer tools simply leaves the user with a file they are unable to read.

Dynamic Watermarking

SmartFrame offers you a clear, easy to edit and easily updated watermark option for your images. These only need to be changed in one place and will update instantly across all your SmartFrames retrospectively.

Visible & Indexable by Search Engines

SmartFrames are visible and indexable to all major search engines. We use a small watermarked thumbnail of your image for search engines to find, index & display, but keep your original image safe and secure so that it can’t be copied or stolen. In this way, the viewer has to click on the small, indexed thumbnail and visit your site directly in order to view the high resolution SmartFrame version of your image, therefore driving new traffic directly to your site.