How SmartFrame Works

Upload To Our ‘Image Cloud’

Simply select and upload your images to the SmartFrame ‘Image Cloud’ via our Dashboard.

Or, for larger and regularly-updated image collections you can integrate directly with the ‘Image Cloud’ using our secure API.

Set Your SmartFrame Preferences

Use the SmartFrame Dashboard to choose the ‘Display Profile’ settings for your SmartFrames.

From the Dashboard you can:

  •   Adjust look & level of Security for your SmartFrames
  •   Create multiple ‘Display Profiles’ for different devices or users
  •   Change the look & position of your Dynamic Watermark
  •   Edit your Copyright notification message

Convert Your Images To SmartFrames

Once your images have been loaded and registered in the SmartFrame ‘Image Cloud’ we will convert and store them as encrypted .PXLR files.

.PXLR files are un-readable to normal image viewing & editing software and cannot be decoded without the decryption key which is contained in your ‘Display Profile’ .JS.

Get Your SmartFrames

If you are hosting your SmartFrames locally and working with our API you can request or update your .PXLR files any time.

Alternatively, you can download individual .PXLR files straight from the ‘Image Cloud’ along with the accompanying ‘Display Profile’ .JS that you want to use.

Or, if you just need an embeddable snippet of code to display a SmartFrame on any webpage this is always visible and available to you in the SmartFrame Dashboard.

Use Your SmartFrames Anywhere Online

Now you have your .PXLR files and your Display Profile simply place the .PXLRs on your site in the same way you would any other image and ensure you’re running the Display Profile .JS file in the header of your pages.

And if you’re using SmartFrame embed codes all you need to do is place the embed code snippet in the HTML of your page and the SmartFrame will display just like any other image!