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“A turning point for how images are published online”

What Is SmartFrame?

SmartFrame is a patent-pending interactive, secure and trackable online image technology.

It was originally developed by Pixelrights Ltd to provide photographers with an image format that could be confidently shared and displayed at high resolution without fear of loss to casual theft, whilst also ensuring the photographer’s credit remains wherever the image goes.

How SmartFrame Works:

We convert your images into an encrypted file format which is un-readable to image viewing and editing software.

A decryption key hosted on the source website decodes the image on request and the image is perfectly reconstructed on the page. At this point other content, watermarks, sharing tools or advertising can be layered onto the image.

What SmartFrame Does:

SmartFrame can help you to:

  •    Protect your content
  •    Raise copyright awareness
  •    Engage with your audience
  •    Create a better viewer experience
  •    Drive new traffic to your website
  •    Capture valuable marketing data
  •    Generate new revenue streams
  •    Boost your sales